HTML5 Multimedia: I’m writing a book

Yes. It’s true. I’m writing a book! Somehow I have become a technical author. Well I know how it’s come about, but it still seems rather surreal.

The topic is HTML5 Multimedia, and it’s part of the new Design and Develop series by Peachpit, and in it I shall be talking about all things related to multimedia and HTML5.

Here’s the the official description:

One of the most exciting and talked about aspects of the HTML5 specification is the introduction of in-browser multimedia. Websites no longer have to rely on a third-party tool such as Flash or Silverlight to play video and audio.

This book is an easy, approachable guide to building native HTML5 multimedia into a website, from the simplest addition to more advanced features. It’s written in a simple, straightforward style that’s not too techy, yet advanced enough for the more experienced coder who just needs to get up to speed on these powerful new capabilities.

The book’s companion website provides all the examples in a working format for easy access and enhanced visualisation for the reader. Many real world scenario examples for those who want to get something up and running.

I’ve also known about this for a while but I’ve been unable to properly mention it online until certain things were in place, including its existence on Amazon. It’s currently available for pre-order on and Amazon UK, and possibly others but I haven’t actually looked yet.

It all started back in March, when Rich Clark, one of the HTML5 Doctors and founder of HTML5 Gallery (where I help curate), mentioned that the publishers Peachpit had been in touch looking for someone to write a book on HTML5 Multimedia. I thought it would be an exciting project to work on, and so I jumped at the chance.

And this is how I find myself writing a technical book on HTML5 Multimedia, and it’s due out in November. Making it the perfect Christmas gift for the geek in your life! (yes, I just mentioned Christmas in a blog post in June – sorry).


The book website is now available at HTML5 Multimedia: Develop and Design by Ian Devlin.