html5 laboratory – Using the video element

html5 laboratory

I just created a new experiment over at html5 laboratory about using the <video> element.

As usual there are code snippets and test pages for you to see for yourself. Go take a look, or continue reading for information on an issue playing OGG files with Firefox…

Issue playing OGG files in Firefox

On another note, I did come across some issues with playing OGG files on my hosting server (running Apache) through Firefox. It turns out that Firefox needs to be told how to play OGG files or it doesn’t play them. I attempted to add a MIME handler for .ogv files through my host’s cPanel, but to no avail. The MIME type (application/ogg) was set up on the server for .ogg files, so I renamed my file’s extension and it worked fine.

Worth checking if you have the same issue.