The routeine of coffee

I’ve been contemplating on writing a post on coffee and after reading black, one sugar, I have finally decided to do so.

There’s an old cliche regarding developers and coffee, we consume a lot of it since we spend all our time sitting in front of a computer screen. You only have to take a look at Dilbert to convince yourself of that. And of course there is some truth in it, but as with all desk jobs, if you spend enough time sitting at one, you welcome the breaks of wandering to the coffee machine to fill up your cup. So it’s not just us developers, but since we spend more time sitting at a desk than most, it tends to stick.


All that aside, we all tend to have some coffee drinking routeine: the routine of drinking caffeine. Be it the time of day we religiously head to the kitchen or to Starbucks|Costa|other, the ritual involved in making the coffee, or as in the case of Richard in the article above, the type of cup we drink from. Or even some or all of thee. It’s something special to us (even if others are doing the same, it’s still ours) and we enjoy the routine of it, and it can keep us going through the bad days, and increase the pleasure of the good days.

My routeine

My morning starts with a Kenco Caffè Crema from a Tassimo machine. Whilst I’m sure coffee purists will baulk at this, for me it offers a good cup of coffee quickly and easily (whilst also allowing you to make an espresso, hot chocolate or one of those fancy latte thingies should you want to).

At work there tends to be a mixture of instant coffee (shudder) or a cup via a cafetiere. A trip to either Starbucks or Costa (both are very close to work) ensues at some stage during the day before I head home and probably leave the coffee for the day. My current work cup is this one:

cuppa coffee

which I like the look of, although my coffee never matches any of the suggestions on the side.

The weekends give me the time to put on a proper pot of filtered coffee which gets drunk during the morning when at breakfast and also throughout the rest of the morning hours whilst I sit at the computer doing various things (there’s that developer-coffee thing again) such as coding, reading and/or writing blog posts or just simply browsing.

So tell me, what’s your routeine?